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Volunteering is a unique opportunity to change lives, including your own. Join Volunteer Foundation Nepal to help needy and disadvantaged children and build a better future through education, community development and training. You will be working side-by side and learn from local people and to exchange ideas, and to build bridges of mutual respect and understanding.

Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN) was founded in 2010 by Lalit Shahi.VFN is a service orientated, non/profit, non/governmntal and non/political organization. VFN is registered in the District Adinistration Office (Reg. No. 3295) and with the District development Committee.VFN is also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (Aff. No. 32125) and with the Child Home Federation Nepal.

Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN) provides both short-term emergency shelter and long-term accommodation in the home environment of 'Papa's Home' for child victims of natural disaster and conflict, as well as orphaned, abandoned, abused and street children.The members of the organization take an active part in the running of the organization, they carry out different social activities and all have a common desired goal.

Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN) main purpose is the provision of a normal, caring, loving home environment for vulnerable and needy children, especially those who have lost one or both parents.

Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN) objectives are to ensure that all our children have access to education and care in keeping with the UN Declaration on Children's Rights:
'The child shall enjoy special protection, and shall be given opportunities and facilities ... to enable him to develop physically, mentally, morally, spiritually and socially in a healthy and normal manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity.'
VFN's objectives are to provide continuing accommodation, food, education, shelter, health-care and love to the orphans, child victims of natural disaster and conflict, as well as abandoned, abused and street children.
To find continual sponsorship and funding for children from poor economic conditions and poor family backgrounds.

Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN) aims are to develop a purpose built eco-friendly home and school, together with vegetable producing gardens utilising organic and bio-dynamic methods of cultivation.

Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN) 'Papa's Home' project relies greatly on the selfless contribution of volunteers in their close working together with our children and staff members.VFN also operates as an umbrella organisation for 'Volunteeer Programs' in Nepal.VFN will design a program to suit individual needs.

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