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Help fight back and make a difference in children rights. In this section you can learn many ways to support helpless and needy children.
1 Volunteer

Want to do lots of good things within your limited time? At VFN, we recognize the value and importance of volunteers and the wealth of experience, skills and ideas that they have. We have several volunteering opportunities on offer for anyone interested in giving their time to work with us.

2 Make a donation

Are you inspired by the work that VFN does and would like to donate us? Are you looking for your next challenge or would like to face your fears? We have lots of events and activities for you to take part in. There’s something for everyone. Read on to find out more about your interest.

3 Sponser a child in VFN

We have been providing the homeless and helpless kids shelter at VFN PAPA’s home. With shelter facility, we provide them food and their other basic needs. We even send these kids to school inorder to enhance their education. You can sponsor these kids and make their future better.

4 Work as a partner

Through collaborations, partnership and collective action, we can improve the state of child rights. If you represent a university, association or agency, you can explore the ways you can support VFN.

5 Work with us

Raise awareness about the problems caused to the children. You too can create an additional fund for our programs and your donor base.

6 Spread the word

Did you like our work? Want to inspire us more? YES… Then please inform the public about our works in an interactive way. Aware more people everywhere regarding children problems.


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