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Volunteering is nothing but offering one's skills, competence, knowledge and resources full heartedly for the purpose of other's need without any expectation of return. Traditionally, though, voluntary work is viewed as selfless deed which is done for other's good, today's voluntary work is a little different and taken as helping others along with aiming to get something for their own. None of them are wrong because there is always an exchange of knowledge, skills, competence and resources between two people.

What Is Volunteering?
Volunteering is a choice made by you to make a difference by taking action and creating better circumstances for those in need in the community.

Why Volunteer?

We all are human being and there is humanity and compassion in every human being, although we are unable to think for others all the time due to our internal limitations. There is a say "if a human being think for his own only and not for others, he is nothing but a foolish animal because most of the animals, too, are born with natural ability to protect and help others along with doing their best for their family." Being a human being, all of us think for ourselves but what are we doing for others? It is very crucial to ponder towards this question. That is why, the door to the most satisfactory and pleasing life for anyone is to give a part of your time to help others. By managing the time, offering one's skills, competence, knowledge and resources to others and sharing one's experience could remain as unforgettable and pleasant memory for every human being. It is always memorable for everybody about their different pastures of work and their interrelationships with various aspects of its economical, geographical, social and cultural concerns. Within a small time period and limited resources, volunteering is an important medium to develop skills, knowledge and thoughts. Volunteer experiences help in transforming one's theoretical educational knowledge obtained from schools, colleges and universities into practical real life. It also contributes in significant manner in order to obtain and fulfill the educational qualification. The most important thing is that with your small amount of contribution, you can bring about significant change in somebody's life, family and society as a whole. That is why it is said that learning without volunteer is incomplete and selfish, so it is very important for everyone to do the voluntary work at least once in life.

  • Give back
  • Make new friends
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Develop new skills
  • Expand on skills you already have
  • Contributing to something you believe in
  • New challenges and experiences
  • Increase confidence
  • Personal fulfilment
  • Positive change to your community
  • Learning new work and life skills; and
  • Developing empathy for others.
  • Doing something fun!

How to do volunteer work?

There are various ways to do voluntary work in this world. Since this is the work for self satisfaction with your own convenience. Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN), a non profit NGO, has put forward some of the programs to do voluntary work. We will design volunteer package in your need.

How to start the process to start volunteering?

If you want to volunteer in any of the above categories according to your choice, you are required to fill up the application form and send it to VFN office through email. You can also send your queries. VFN will approve and send you an email within 24 hours and you can start the work after VFN will send you the authorized letter.

What you Get?

VFN will provide you a certificate of appreciation stating clearly your field of work, time duration and your contribution. For the Fund Development and Resource Mobilization volunteers, they will be informed about their contribution and the positive impact in the targeted groups. Along with this, for transparency and assurance of correct utilization of your contribution, letters and photographs of the targeted groups, audit report and progress report will be sent. The details of all the volunteers will be kept in the website and the organization will prepare and publish a book incorporating all the information of volunteers and their feelings.

When to volunteer?

Volunteer work can be done according to your own convenience and time. But if you want to volunteer in Nepal, then it is required to know about some of the important and favorable times in Nepal. If you require more information on above subjects, you can send your queries through email. If you would like to volunteer in any of the above mentioned subjects, you are required to fill up this form and send us through email.

For more information please kindly visit FAQs.

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