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Your Sponsorship will enable an underprivileged child to attend a good school, access confidence building opportunities and skill development training programs in a congenial and favorable environment.
Sponsor a child today and support VFN/Papa's Home work with marginalized and disadvantaged communities in Nepal. For individuals, groups or corporations willing to sponsor a child,
 ‘Sponsorship’ with  US$600 / Eur€480 / Aus$770 / UK₤350/ per child per year.

VFN Full Sponsorship covers all the costs that are necessary for comprehensive residential child care services. The service and facilities included in this Sponsorship are food, shelter, education, proper medical care, clothing, extra curricular activities etc.

More specifically, Sponsorship gives a child an opportunity to grow in a very family orientated environment, ensuring overall child development in a sympathtic and recognised manner. Orphaned, abandoned, homeless (street children), abused and enslaved children (forced child laborers) will benefit from this support:

Your sponsoring of a child or general donation provides the children with accommodation in a family environment with the following benefits:

   Food and secure shelter.
   Clothing, including school uniforms.
   All educational expenses.
   Education materials.
   Proper Medical care.
   Combined study room and library facility.
   Extra curricular activities like sports, music, arts etc.
   Educational tours at least once a year.
   Celebration of traditional Nepali festivals, such as Dashain/Tihar.

        About Child Sponsorship
        When you sponsor a child, you will be directly supporting an orphaned or abandoned child so they can grow up with God Mother or God Father with them who will be taking care of all their needs.

100% of child sponsorship donations are spent on the care of children. As a sponsor, you will receive updates about your child, be able to write to them, and will see the difference your money is making over the years. You will be helping to pay for vulnerable child.
    Outcome of Sponsorship

    Child Education certificate/ Mark-sheet of their examinations.
    Their photos every month of their activities.
    Their monthly letter explaining their situation, writings from their own hand.
    You can visit them whenever you like. You can have skype talk, video chat and e-mail follow up.
    Monthly breakdown of how the money has been used with sufficient proof and supporting documents.

    Why sponsorship with us

    Every penny you give will go towards the care of children
    You will receive updates on how your donation is being used
    You will receive regular updates on your child's progress
    We work on to be trustworthy and transparent
    We work to have a positive and long-term impact on children and communities

    Where can you sponsor

You will be depositing the sponsoring amount directly into the saving account of VFN. VFN will take care if/not all the needs are met and VFN will be responsible to answer the queries when needed. VFN will also be acting as controlling authority to ensure the money are used for right purpose.

    How Sponsorship Works

Sponsorship provides children the chance at a healthy start and the opportunity to learn to grow into productive, engaged citizens.

Early Childhood Care and Development prepares children for future success by providing a strong foundation for their formal education.

Basic Education is a right of all children. This program works to improve the learning experience and success for all students.

School Health and Nutrition addresses student health issues to increase their learning capability.
Adolescent Development addresses the needs of youth so they can actively contribute to their own well-being and the community overall.


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