Volunteer Placement Program:

Volunteer Foundation Nepal was founded on the willingness of different international volunteers to provide medical care, education, and humanitarian assistance to children and people in need. We seek the most qualified volunteers for our programs. We provide quality, friendly and supportive placements for volunteers at different volunteer positions at non-profit or public service organizations. Our placements give volunteers the chance to experience the real Nepalese lifestyle and culture. In return they have the chance to gain new skill and learn about another culture and have a wonderful unforgettable experience. Till now the generosity and support of our volunteers is truly inspiring enabling us to respond not only to immediate problems, but change children’s lives for long term benefits. We give and expect the same generosity and support for the future volunteers.

Apply for volunteer placement and get an immediate opportunity.

Programme Requirement:

  • Be eighteen years or more.
  • Have no major health problems.
  • Be eligible to obtain tourist visa to Nepal.
  • Flexible, commitment and adjustable.
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