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My time in VFN Papa's Home has without a doubt been the most giving experience for me during my stay in Nepal. I first visited in December 2013 and after leaving and travelling for 3 months afterwards in India, I decided to return to Nepal, this March 2014. The reason was not the mountains, not one of all the amazing attractions that this country has to offer – it was these children, this family here in this Papa's Home in Sanepa, in the middle of the Kathmandu Valley. This Family and these children will stay with me as the biggest experience I've had on my entire travels through the last 11 months. There is something special here, something lovely, carrying, and graceful about these 24 children - Something that I will never forget. I could go on and describe all my experiences here in details and continue pages long, but in the end all that matters is Thank You - That is the most important thing of all. I will miss you all and I will miss every little thing that this family has given me during 3 unforgettable months. I look forward to visit again, to come back to what feels like my second home and family. Until then – I promise, I will practice football and dancing - And I will return with a lot of new skills! See you again. Thank You - Dhanyabad my Brothers and Sisters.
VFN Volunteer Emilie From Denmark.

Sunday 2019 January 20
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