Testmonial From MIKE (Spain)

After such a life changing experience like the one I just had, words cannot contain and express the joy and love this beautiful family can give. Unfortunately I could only stay for one week as I already had other plans made but I am so glad I have chosen to come here; I really feel privileged to have had this chance and gained even the smallest place in their hearts. For sure what remained of my heart was left there and in return i took those deep eyes and beautiful smiles with me. It`s incredible how much these children, boys and girls have to teach, how joyful they are and how they can look after to each others. I have done nothing in respect of what they do everyday. Kamal, the tutor, is a very lovely and down to earth guy (and showing me the city while they were at school; Dhanusha has endless power and love for them too and Lalit who has also a suffering background really knows what is doing and what they exactly need. He did and do so much for them and really has all my admiration and respect. While we all live our lives, in this house of love, people is working and giving a real chance to those who have been less lucky until they met Lalit & Co..They are really in good hands now and this is the only reason I can leave them behind with the promise to be back for a longer period. I would love to se how they grow up well. Wish them all success in life, every single one is already a winner. If you get to read this long comment please try to go and stay longer, you will not regret it and children really deserve it. Thanks God there are people like them in the world! see you soon.

Sunday 2019 January 20
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