My Stay at (Papa's Home) Volunteer Foundation Nepal

My Stay at Volunteer Foundation Nepal)
"Spending time at Lalit's vfn orphanage in Nepal was absolutely the most amazing time ever spent. My friend Sara and I worked there as volunteers for one month, and I am definitely going back. Besides walking them to school, picking them up again and helping with their homework, we pretty much decided for ourselves how to fill out the day. Even though helping them with sch
ool is very important, I very quickly realized that the most important input you can give them, is just being there for them. Meaning engaging in what they do, giving them attention, and especially giving them hugs and pretty much being like an older sibling to them.
I remember one episode with a girl named Babi. She wanted me to lift her up, and as I kissed her on her forehead she got all shy, and covered her head in my arms. Literally within 2 minutes she got all quite because apparently she had fallen asleep. So cute.Despite the children's sad backgrounds, it is incredible to experience the bond between them. They take care and are looking out for each other as well as the volunteers. Remember one time we went to the playground with them, and had to cross the road. One of the oldest boys grepped my hand as I was about to cross, wanting me to get over safely.
Despite how few resources they have compared to e.g. Denmark, they always make the best out of what they have got. Something I really admire. These are not just children at an orphanage that I worked with, they are children I really ended up loving. They welcome you with open hearts, and all volunteers should really embrace them the same way. Each and everyone of the kids are absolutely amazing, and I HAVE to go back.
Cecilie Brandt (Denmark)"

Monday 2018 December 17
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