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Volunteering is a unique opportunity to change lives,including your own,join Volunteer Foundation Nepal to help needy and disadvantaged people build a better future through education,community development and training. you will be working side-by side and learn from local people to change, ideas, and to build bridges of mutual respect and understanding. Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN) is a
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My time in VFN Papa's Home has without a doubt been the most giving experience for me during my stay in Nepal. I first visited in December 2013 and after leaving and travelling for 3 months afterwards in India, I decided to return to Nepal,
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Your Sponsorship will enable an underprivileged child to attend a good school and access confidence building opportunities and skill development training programs in a congenial and favorable environment. Sponsor a child today and support VFN/Nepal's
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Thank you for visiting the Volunteer Foundation Nepal, VFN online. It’s hard to believe that 4 years have passed since we founded VFN. We are proud of what VFN has accomplished in such a short s
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